The alleged killer of Razia in Besacan was arrested at Athens airport


Strasbourg (AFP) – Razia's 34-year-old Afghan assassin and husband, who was imprisoned in Besançon on Tuesday, were arrested at Athens airport on Friday. on the RTL / M6 website.

Rafid A., 38, considered suspect No. 1 in this murder, the Greek police arrested Athens airport afternoon following an international arrest warrant issued by the site.

Police have been detained and transported to France, according to RTL / M6.

Some 400 people gathered on Friday in Besançon at the initiative of the Solidariate Femme Association, Razija.

In a year-long residence in the family accompanying victims of domestic violence, Razia killed several stinging wounds after the chest and neck when she returned from her purchase.

The plagues of the aorta have been interrupted, according to court sources.

He leaves three, 9, 12 and 16-year-olds, and the two youngsters must now make a judicial decision.

Razia has filed seven complaints with her husband, three in Marseille, and four in Besançon for alleged violence against her partner, aggravated violence and repeated fatal threats.

After the divorce was announced in July, a family court judge received a defense decision and did not approve her husband. But this was probably the way he found the trace and joined him.

"The kids saw him on a bus and they reported that Razia was scared and did not go to school for 3 months because of the fear of kidnapping," said the president. Christine Perrot Association.

"The transfer of the Razia to our alliance forever appointed us forever, its strength, determination, courage, smile, enthusiasm, sharp will to save her life and the lives of her children," he said on Friday. evening, on the rally.

The prosecutor's office Besançon on Wednesday urged the witnesses to find this 38-year-old Afghani after identifying the images of video surveillance cameras.

In 2016, 123 women died as spouses or ex-partners in France, about every third day.

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