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[Test] Terminator: Resistance, the best game in the series (but still bad)


The FPS Terminator. Which takes into account only the first two films, the best in the series. And that happens in the apocalyptic future of 2029. With the promise to shoot the T-800. It looked promising. And then we found that the developer was at the origin of the infamous train track. Rambo. And then, we saw the first gameplay images. And then we play the game. Don't go four ways, Terminator: Resistance It's a dung that leaves the bitter taste of a big and terrible mess in your mouth.

Let's start with the beginning

The action of Terminator: Resistance it happens in full in 2029. You play as Jacob Rivers, a simple human resistance soldier fighting Skynet and its machine armies that seek to destroy humanity. After being rescued from an ambush by a mysterious stranger who seems to know everything about him, our protagonist will be brought in to join a group of survivors and evolve into the post-apocalyptic universe seen briefly during the first two films of the series. Far from being a simple joke, the scenario is surprising for its fidelity to the canons of the original James Cameron series. The few plot twists are more than predictable, but remain perfectly appreciable for the regulars of the first two films.

Where the game surprises you well is the way you dress and the way you develop the scenery and the characters that populate it. the atmosphere Terminator If the typical is respected from end to end, the T-800, plasma weapons and other machines are faithfully reproduced. Even the sounds of guns are straight from the movies. The soundtrack is not left behind and offers a sound package that honors the original material. The main menu also offers one of the best covers of the music theme of the series. Even among some attempts at environmental narrative, there are some well-known references to films, especially within a level established at the psychiatric hospital. Terminator 2. Special mention to the final chapters of the game, the result of which naturally leads to the emergence of events affecting Sarah and John Connor.

The developers even bothered to offer a certain consistency, a certain coherence to a universe full of characters that all have their own background and that can almost give the player a feeling of empathy. It is likely that the game will develop a whole series of aspects hardly if mentioned in the Cameron movie saga. More generally, the efforts made in the faithful representation of the universe Terminator should be welcome.

That said, it's time to explain why Terminator: Resistance It's a bad game that doesn't deserve your attention.

Gameplay: "Look out, baby"

O gameplay It's boring to death: We explore relatively open environments and complete the various missions that boil down to point A to pick up some object and bring it back to base. From time to time we imagine more linear, scripted, unexplored levels at which we simply change and advance. Weapons have no potatoes and enemies are PV bags or simple formalities. Even the iconic T-800 doesn't inspire fear and can be eliminated in just a few plasma shots. Half a dozen different enemies do no better, and we are not happy to triumph over Skynet's machines, which, moreover, are stupidly unnamed: the explosion of an outpost does not attract the attention of machines ten meters away. , for example. We expected better from AI that triggered a nuclear holocaust. The only threat is the ability of enemies to break it in two seconds if you get too close to them. Fortunately, they are painfully slow and their petals remain accurate even at long distances.

All other aspects of gameplay should also be thrown away. The infiltration is absolutely laughable, just squat and get out of sight of the T-800, who are content to patrol on a fixed route. The ability, after half the game, to smash any robot into a single plasma explosion makes discretion absolutely pointless. Hacking and picking minigames are boring and repetitive. The aspect of RPG is completely forgotten, only the increased attack power is of any interest. The game also offers a full range of inventory management and elaboration, but we recover so much equipment by simply visiting levels that we never lose resources and equipment. Worse, the whole aspect of survival and endurance proposed by the scenario is completely ruined by the fact that there is an absurd amount of ammunition and medikits, and this since the beginning of the game. Therefore, the game is a childish ease and simplicity.

"I can not self-finish. Take me to the foundry"

The only success of the game, the representation of the universe Terminator, is terribly served by the weakness of the graphics. The game is ugly, despite the use of Unreal Engine, the textures have a rather odd blurring effect. Only the beauty of lighting and explosions can (somewhat) flatter the retina, the rest is far from the graphic patterns of 2019. Animations are miserable and one suffers each time a weapon is reloaded. The human characters are so rigid that they could pass the human-skinned T-800. The setting is a scene of absolute flatness, so much so that it is difficult to bond with human characters, but relatively well developed. The English voice acting is mediocre and accentuates this disinterest. The scenes of combat and confrontation with the machines, besides the final chapter of the game, do not feel emotion, emotion. Final insult, the FOV and chromatic aberration are not directly adjustable. At least the interface is configurable.

The adventure is short: a dozen hours to reach the credits, taking the trouble to visit all levels and finish all side missions. However, during the match, the temptation was great: cease all exploration and fight to reach the main goal. This is because the different areas of play are simply not enjoyable to travel: always the same enemies to stop, the same buildings to look for, the same resources to pick up, the same missions to accomplish. the universe TerminatorHowever successful and interesting it is, this game is limited to a handful of devastated urban areas, all similar and at Skynet outposts with the fingers of one hand.

This point cannot be emphasized enough: Teyon developers provided a remarkable amount of work world building which is completely ruined by lack of means and boldly by ambition. A real mess that crowns a very high selling price, considering the degree of workmanship and scale has more than reduced the game.

A huge mess

Remember the T-800 in Terminator 2 : a relentless airtight killing machine with the slightest human feeling, but John Connor ends up caring before deciding to eliminate it. Terminator: Resistance It is a true copy of him, a poor, absolutely imitable creature whose only fate is to be forgotten, but one who really wishes he could praise. As it stands, the few good points of the game are hopelessly overwhelmed by its flaws, its gameplay soporific, his scenario completely failed and his flagrant lack of ambition. A total mess as much as resistance remains the best video game adaptation of the series to this day Terminator.

Terminator: Resistance is available on Steam for 40 euros, as well as on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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