Thursday , February 27 2020
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Team of France – No color, no religion, Deschamps has the right to zap Benzema

On Thursday, the French team bought their Euro 2020 ticket thanks to their success against Moldova during the penultimate day of eliminations (2-1).

A qualification synonymous with contract extension for Didier Deschamps. Noel Le Graët had announced that, should he attend the next European championship, the Bleus coach would extend his contract until 2022, the year of the Qatar World Cup. Good news for Tricolores, who reached the Grail with DD by winning the 2018 World Cup. But that will not benefit Karim Benzema, who is unlikely to return to the Blues despite his skills under Real Madrid shirt. Asked about the hot news from the French team, Deschamps also returned to episode KB9 and his statement about the Brand, in which the striker said DD had "Produced under pressure from a racist party in France".

"When you're in a club and don't want a player anymore, you have to endure it. There, when I don't want to, I don't want to. But I don't make personal choices. I'm doing this about what I think is good for the team. from France, and without any criteria other than sportsman or collective life. Let us take the example of what I lived before Euro 2016, with the label inscribed on my house … Football has no color, no religion. I will feel obliged to accept a player for these reasons. I take French players to represent France with the conviction that they are the best to do so. I have always worked that way and I will not change. Benzema's guilt? Not necessarily. a set of things. Then everyone has to accept their words. I can't name them all. I told some of them live, on the team, Deschamps, who is not yet ready to exchange his training suit for an FFF president suit. For a while …

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