Space Station: Capturing the Cygnus Ship


Astronauts David Saint-Jacques and Anne McClain were in charge of the station's robotic arm, Canadarm2, to pick up the spacecraft that spun at the station's speed at about 28,000 km / h. A Canadian flight controller was on the ground of the robotic operation team at the NASA Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas.

Cygnus transports hundreds of pounds of equipment to the station, including a bioanalyzer, a device that analyzes blood, urine, or saliva aboard the station, which often prevents sample freezes.

It also features smart biomonitoring tees and sampling kits that will be used to collect data for Vascular Aging, a new Canadian health study that looks more closely at the loss of arterial elasticity and resistance to heart disease. astronaut insulin.

Cygnus also carried Canadian food, such as smoked salmon, creamy maple biscuits, mushroom risotto and cheese, and bison chili, a dish inspired by the favorite recipe of the David Saint family. Jacques, according to the Canadian Space Agency. The ship also carried what is necessary so that the crew can enjoy an Easter meal.

Cygnus is expected to remain moored in the orbital laboratory by the end of July.


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