sources confirming the two new Future Switch models


Following the report from the Wall Street Journal, it is the turn of the highly informed Eurogamer website to confirm according to its sources (close to Nintendo) the future arrival of two new Switch models, probably "this summer" even if nothing says. the versions will be released at the same time.

Regarding the first model, we are talking about a version that will be used to improve the basics, and this should be a minimum on the technical level. At the very least, because it does not seem to expect a difference between the PS4 Pro (and still less the One X) but more a slight increase, as was the new 3DS, which should be imagined for the ratio of frames and resolutions.

Eurogamer sources, on the other hand, provide new details about "the other model", which can be summed up in these few words:

– More solid
– 100% nomad
– Removing some additional features (such as HD Rumble)
– less expensive

Like 2DS, this model would aim to serve as an entry level, but also to bring together a new audience that could make the transition more naturally between the 3DS and the Switch range. Note also that we do not know if this version will maintain this name, although it is quite possible that Nintendo will find a backup solution with a special dock sold separately.

In any case, an arrival this summer is not innocent, given the second-half calendar much more consequential than the first.


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