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Soon the end of glyphosate? Scientists discover natural herbicide

Soon can we get rid of glyphosate, a spoiled herbicide and a carcinogenic potential? Scientists have discovered incredible similar properties in a natural molecule: radulanin A.

in Franceit is estimated that 9,000 tonnes of Glyphosate is used every year, both by people agriculture. it is herbicide very widespread is still decriedI suspect carcinogenic it's bad for environment. For several years the voices rose to ask for an alternative solution.

one alternative severe disease may be in the process of being found, according to a recent scientific study. Conducted by researchers of CNRS, the École Polytechnique and the Sorbonne, in fact, highlights the incredible properties herbicides of a natural component: molecule called radulanin A.

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Proven herbicidal properties

"This compound is produced by liver, plants (mosses) that could use it in your competition vis-à-vis other plant species"the researchers wrote in a statement. interesting, which scientists have tried to replicate on a large scale.

Thanks to chemistry synthesis, scientists were able to to produce in large quantities and study this incredible molecule. To test its effects, the substance was placed "in the seedling culture substrate of a model plant considered weed in agriculture"the researchers describe.

They then noted that these yellowing quickly and then died "proving de facto the herbicidal effect radulanin A at a dose close to that of glyphosate, the reference herbicide".

To study toxicity to humans and to the planet

An application for patent has already been archived. But many challenges are still awaiting scientists: they must, in particular, determine the toxicity of this substance, for human is for environment. They will also have to test their effectiveness in various species of plants.

From there, it will be possibleto see if the radulanin A is a serious option to finally get rid of glyphosate.

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