Shocking revelations about the actual working time of civil servants


The Inspectorate-General for Finance submitted a report to the Minister of the Budget, Gérald Darmanin, according to which at least 310,000 civil servants work less than the legal limit of 35 hours.

Responsible for the bill "The transformation of public service", the Minister of Finance and Public Accounts will have some courage to grind. In an investigation commissioned by Gérald Darmanin's ministry and revealed by Le Figaro, the Finance Inspectorate conducted an audit of the actual working time of 1.1 million civil servants.

"Unjustified historical devices"

The main point of the report is the derogations granted to certain officials without good reason. At least 310,000 civil servants between the hearings work less than the legal limit of 35 hours, and 190,000 of them without any justification, the report said. Such derogations in the civil service must be justified by particular restrictions of work, or some agents benefit without being subject to such restrictions. This case concerns 149,000 civil servants from National Education, 5,300 from Justice and 800 technicians from electronics and civil aviation technicians, but also from the Ministry of Armies where 30,000 administrative officers receive an extra day's leave for seniority. "Unjustified historical devices were also maintained during the move to 35 hours," according to the report.

The investigation by the General Inspectorate of Finance, which does not include teachers, magistrates, military personnel and gendarmes, also has unjustified advantages in the State's civil service, especially in additional days or days of division. "An advantage that allows a public employee with five days off between November 1 and April 30 benefits from an additional day off, a bonus that automatically benefits secondary teachers who can not choose their vacation. 29.4 million hours, eliminating the days of fractionation, which is equivalent to 18,300 jobs, according to the Inspectorate-General for Finance. The report also suggests a revision of the compensatory rest days regime for police and CRS, the which could save 2,800 positions.

The Finance Inspectorate also suggests removing the extra leave days available for public servants employed in ministries. More advantageous than the "split days", ministries benefit from "ministerial days": two days of bonus for the Ministry of Interior, one week for Social Affairs and nine days for the Ministry of Culture.


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