She saves her daughter's life with a photo


The image was almost perfect. Gracie Corrigan, 5, smiled widely, but after closer inspection, the mother noticed a strange task in her daughter's right eye. Worried, she took him to see the doctor. The diagnosis falls rapidly: this white reflex in the pupil, called leucocoria, was the sign of retinoblastoma. The girl had no less than ten tumors in the retina and optic nerve. She had to undergo enucleation and chemo. It was in 2016. Today, the girl likes a prosthesis and leads a normal life.

Retinoblastoma is one of the most common cancer tumors in childhood. It is particularly well cared for as long as it is diagnosed in time. Many advances have been made in recent years to try to preserve the diseased eye, but when the tumor threatens to spread, the eye should be removed. In developed countries, 95% of children affected today can be cured.

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