SFR still undisputed champion of complaints, but improving


Afutt has just published its observatory of complaints and dissatisfactions for the year 2018. As in 2017, the SFR is part of the lion, but the association is not pessimistic: in general, the complaints are declining.


Every year, the French Association of Telecommunications Users (Afutt) publishes an observatory ofcomplaints and dissatisfactionsThis is not based on all the calls received by the operators, but on the complaints that arrive at the Afutt, that is, in cases in which the operator has not been able to provide a satisfactory answer to his dissatisfied customer. In 2017, Afutt reported 5 183 complaints, of which 55.2% went to SFR. For the year 2018, only 3 170 complaints (-39% The association explains that you experienced some problems with your new site but also indicates that "Only part of the decrease in the number of complaints in 2018 compared to 2017 can be attributed to the launch of the new site.She evokes "an effective reduction of the causes of discontent also observed in the mediator and the DGCCRF".

In detail, it is in front of the fixed Internet that most of the dissatisfactions were identified (51%), in front of the mobile phone (41%) and what Afutt calls "classic fixed"(7%), good old telephone lines. In general, collection disputes are the most common, but they are only the first cause of discontent on the mobile side (32%), 1% of complaints. (Internet), is the unpleasant interruption of the service that most generates complaints (23.6% of disputes reported), the least questionable since it concernsforced or hidden sale"(22.6%).

Afutt 2018 Top Complaints

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SFR: very poor student, good dynamics

After concentrating 55.2% of complaints in 2017 (and 55.8% in 2016), SFR is in remission. The operator was targeted only by 47.6% of the complaints registered in 2018. His dolphin is none other than Orange, which, however, loosens a little: it passes 13.7% of complaints in 2017 to 20.1% in 2018. Bouygues Telecom follows 13.8% (14.8% in 2017) and Free in 12.1% (9.4% in 2017). The other operators represent only 6.4% of the disputes brought to the attention of Afutt.

Afutt 2018 claims by op% C3% A9rateur
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Looking closer, we can see that in the fixed Internet market, 49.5% of the complaints in 2018 were directed to SFR, 22.8% Orange, 13.9% Free and 11.3%. Bouygues Telecom. Of course, it is important to report these numbers to the number of subscribers that each operator counts, which Afutt does with their conflict index. Not surprisingly, SFR is by far the worst student, but Orange is really the best. He is followed by Free, nearby, then at Bouygues Telecom. Behind the interruption of the service, the problems related to termination of the contract (mainly in SFR) and the quality of the operation are the most frequent.

Afutt 2018 r% C3% A9partition corrected complaints
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Conflicting 2018 Conflict% C3% A9 Fixed

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On the mobile side, SFR received 50.2% of complaints, ahead of Bouygues Telecom (19.4%), Orange (12.4%) and Free (11.7%). Again, given its number of customers, SFR is by far the worst student, while Orange is the best, followed closely by Free and Bouygues Telecom. In addition to billing concerns (claimants against SFR), the main reasons for dissatisfaction are forced or disguised selling and concerns about termination.

Afutt 2018 r% C3% A9partitioning mobile complaints
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Affiliate 2018 conflicting% C3% A9 mobile

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Afutt 2018 subject complaints
Reasons for dissatisfaction according to operators, fixed and mobile combined. © Afutt

It is worth remembering that at the end of March, when it published its results at the end of 2018, SFR boasted that it had managed to reduce the number of complaints received by its service, citing a decrease of 50% compared to 2017.


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