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Secret talk between Sarkozy and Ghosn, with Macron's support, according to JDD



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While some French lawmakers want Carlos Ghosn, the deposed head of Renault-Nissan, to be repatriated and tried in France, Nicolas Sarkozy visited him in Tokyo, calling it "unworthy" to miss the opportunity to meet him. This interview was approved by Emmanuel Macron specifies the Journal du Dimanche.

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has held confidential talks in Japan with ousted Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn on suspicion of misuse of corporate assets, the Journal du Dimanche reported. According to the weekly, Emmanuel Macron had endorsed this meeting.

During his official visit to Tokyo to represent France at the enthronement ceremony of the new Japanese emperor, the former leader of the French Republic visited Carlos Ghosn, whom he described as "a great French chief." . Currently, the former CEO lives under strict surveillance, awaiting trial.

"We had a long talk"commented Nicolas Sarkozy, interviewed by JDD in this hour and a half interview at the French Embassy. In addition, the former president "Considered unworthy to be there and not try [Carlos Ghosn] to see "according to the weekly.

Carlos Ghosn Case

Arrested on November 19, 2018 in Tokyo, Carlos Ghosn was charged with breach of trust and misrepresentation to authorities during his tenure at Nissan, including failing to report $ 30 million in revenue between 2010 and 2015.

In total, he spent about 130 days in detention in the Japanese capital. He was later incarcerated for a period of three weeks after further prosecution by the Tokyo Public Prosecutor.

The former CEO of Renaut-Nissan was released on bail on April 25, 2019, having agreed to pay a million-dollar civil fine. He has been banned from running a business or being a member of a board of directors for 10 years. Subject to severe judicial control, he cannot leave Japan or communicate with his wife.

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