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Riot games: a strike to challenge forced arbitration – News

On Friday night, we talked about the motions riot oblige employees or former employees who have attacked the company to go through private arbitrations. As a result, several current employees are threatening to attack.

In fact, some of Riot Games employees rely on strike on Monday, May 6 because of your disappointment with the attitude of the leaders from the studio. According to our colleagues from Kotakufollowing the case very closely, an official allegedly explained that many employees had the idea of ​​leaving, but that the restriction of forced arbitration forced them to stay. This source, who obviously remained anonymous, said:

Leaders have always promised transparency and measures, but they have not kept that promise … The last article on forced arbitration has finally ignited the spark and some people have decided to take action.

Although they may be subject to dismissal under certain conditions, the employees in question indicate that they will only attack if Riot does not withdraw the motions presented against the two complainants in question. they then ask that Riot expresses a firm intention to discontinue this procedure, to put into effect a period of six months to resolve the conflict and a commitment not to force forced arbitration.

At the time, nobody knows how many people are hired with this intent to attack, which obviously prevents others from joining the movement, for lack of readability.

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