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Region Franche-Comté | Mosquito tiger: Franche-Comté almost surrounded

The winch is squeezing. This time, the tiger mosquito is at the gates of Franche-Comte. Côte-d'Or and Nièvre, after the Saône-et-Loire, like all of Alsace, have just fallen on the long list of infected departments. There have been 51 since their arrival in 2004.

The big problem with the tiger mosquito is that it will probably transmit the dengue and chikungunya viruses, virulent and debilitating, even deadly tropical diseases. And, according to Dr. Marie Barba Vasseur of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Burgundy-Franche-Comté, last year in Côte-d'Or, an imported case of chikungunya and two cases of dengue were confirmed.

Imported does not mean native yet, but shows that the conditions that can contribute to create a local transmission chain of these viruses can be quickly met. It is enough that the infected person is stung and that the mosquito will sting another, then another … Yesterday afternoon, therefore, the prefecture of Côte-dâ € ™ Or presented his battle plan.

Its expansion is unfortunately not controllable

The creature that comes to us from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia has particularly high resilience and adaptability.

It was spread on the planet through the globalized trade of used tires. And found fertile ground extremely favorable in our cities more than in rurality (read more).

Only our Swiss neighbors are quiet, considering themselves reasonably safe, because of the lower temperatures and reactivity they find flawless. But it has already been detected in Basel in 2017 and its expansion is only a matter of time …

Which does not mean we can not fight. In Côte-d'Or, now "agents of the public agency responsible for combating mosquitoes (Eirad) can enter their equipment in public and private properties to carry out research and treatment actions."

However, knowing that opposition to insecticides increasingly manifests itself the mayor's representative said: "the use of biocidal products is framed, but the obligations to eliminate the breeding grounds are imposed on individuals."

We managed to delay things by limiting their expansion and density.

Catherine Roussel, ARS medical engineer


This is the number of departments colonized by the tiger mosquito since 2004.

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