RED by SFR or La Poste Mobile: what is the best mobile plan at € 10 today?


RED by SFR or La Poste Mobile: what is the best mobile plan at € 10 today?

A fratricidal duel that currently opposes two very attractive offers in the mobile contract market without commitment. On the left, La Poste Mobile, an MVNO based on SFR's mobile network. On the right, RED by SFR, the non-binding branch of the same SFR. One offers 60 GB of data and the other 30 GB.

Both offers are sold as "for life" so the fee will not end after 12 months, as is sometimes the case. Package without obligation requires, you can change operator when you want, keeping your phone number to take advantage of these offers.

These promotional offers will end Monday, April 22 for The Mobile Post and 23 for SFR RED. Which one to choose? Fight!

The "unlimited"

La Poste Mobile and RED by SFR offer the same voice-class services with unlimited classics for fixed and mobile in France and the DOM and Europe / DOM for the French / Europe / DOM metropolitan region. SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France (only) and Europe and DOM listed as RED by SFR, while in La Poste SMS / MMS are unlimited from France and for DOM.
To draw

The net

According to Arcep, SFR offers coverage of 99% of the population in 4G. Covering the territory, the telecommunications gendarme credits the operator with 83% of the surface area in 4G. Remember again that the two competitors of the day rely on the same network. 4G side, circle, there is a tie.
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The 4G Envelope

30 GB of data to use in the RED hexagon by SFR, 60 GB of Internet to use in France in La Poste, the latter clearly takes advantage of this point. And La Poste Mobile pushes the nail out of the hexagonal edges, providing 10GB of data (to be counted from the 60GB envelope) for use by the European Union and the DOM. In front, the RED offers an additional 4GB to use from these destinations. Knowing that behind is the same network, there is no La Poste game is the most generous.
THEvantage Mobile Post

The postman always plays twice

If RED by SFR is in the habit of competing in leadership in mobile packages with less than 10 euros (except in the few times that Sosh deigns to discount its packages), it finds here a competitor size. La Poste Mobile's offer is unbeatable at present, offering a larger data envelope in France and Europe / DOM. If you are no longer involved with an operator, this is clearly the right time to change the air and sign up for this free offer. It will not take long to decide, this is a flash sale that will end Monday, April 22. Also remember to fill out the promotional code PROMO60 to benefit from this rate.

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while retaining your phone number, you will need to get your RIO dialing 3179 on your smartphone. When your RIO is retrieved, the new operator will take care of the portability of your number.


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