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Rapper Jul's Parisian concert disturbed by "pseudo PSG supporters", an open investigation



BERCY – Marseille rapper Jul was performing on Wednesday, November 13, at the Accor Hotel Arena. A show quickly interrupted by "a group of pseudo ultra supporters of PSG" indicates the concert hall. These forced entry before using smoke and attacking onlookers. According to our information, an investigation has been opened.

A "Not Marseille Welcome" track, smoke and panic scenes: rapper Marseille Jul's Paris concert took place under tension Wednesday in the capital. Several dozen people forced into the AccorHotels Arena, attended by some 20,000 people. According to our information, an investigation was opened for "damage to meetings, aggravated violence and participation in a group formed to commit offenses."

"At about 9:10 pm I saw the banner, witnessed LCI Cecilia, a spectator in the gallery, and shortly after I saw about ten men dressed in black and masked faces, running to the well to enter the crowd and not being caught by security. , invaded during a song, the lights were out, people started to panic. " “A smoke was released about 1 / 4h later and it fell into the well.” We wanted to leave around 10pm, but security had blocked all entrances because people were trying to enter the room.

Contacted by LCI, AccorHotels Arena management confirmed that the night had been hectic due to a "combination of complicated factors". In this case, the presence of people with alcoholic tickets arrived, as well as counterfeit tickets that had several individuals. But above all, says the room, "an ultra-pseudo PSG fan group has come to battle with the spectator fans of the Marseille artist." According to AccorHotels Arena, this group attacked the crowd outside, "causing crowd movements and disrupting the security apparatus. Teams quickly regained control and reached troublemakers to drive them out." Other spectators, armed with valid tickets, also attacked the spectators inside the room.

Several testimonials also circulated on social networks. We see the track "Marseille Not Welcome", as well as a smoke thrown in the crowd, a few meters from the scene. But also images of incidents, with pushing at the end of the concert implying, according to several witnesses, this group of individuals presented as ultra-Parisian. "I saw a crowd movement," adds Cecilia. "There are spectators who would have been stripped naked. The guys were hooded, it was premeditated. The worst thing is to do that on November 13."

The "Ultras Paris collective" denies any participation

According to our information, police were present outside the room. They were invited to intervene because of a hundred alcoholics. There was no interrogation. "Despite some fights, the order was reinstated by security services," AccorHotels Arena management added, saying the show was able to proceed as planned, thanks to the planned device.

In the middle of the day, the Ultras Paris collective denied any participation in these events. "We won't be responsible for fights at a show simply because their writers were wearing a PSG shirt and we strongly condemn and disassociate with them." this collective in a statement.

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