PSG – OL: women's football, "an exciting world" according to Reynald Pedros


Speaking about his role as coach of the best team in Europe, Reynald Pedros speaks of a "privilege."

When you arrived in Lyon, you said: "Women's football is a choice, not a second option." Is it still the case today?

REYNALD PEDROS. Further. Women's football is progressing. It is young, attractive and captivating football. There is so much to do, organize. But we should not burn the steps. We should not forget that, a few years ago, women's football was a complete nothingness. Who would have said that Canal + could be interested in female D1, take the rights? Nobody. There is a future. This universe is exciting. And for me, it is a privilege to train this Lyon team.

Lyon face their big rival, PSG, on Sunday …

Paris is a very competitive team. In the league, even if there is perhaps less difference to the score than we do between Paris and some teams, PSG knows how to increase their level of play against the OL. We know that. We are ready for this. We absolutely do not underestimate this team.

What makes Lyon still have a small advantage?

We work on the details of everyday life. There is no relaxation, no fatigue. It is also a personal requirement that girls have, not to finish second. Girls are, above all, great professionals, great competitors. My group hates defeat. I feel it deeply. Each season, we add little touches, keeping a large group skeleton present. It always takes some new blood to energize the group, not to rest on their achievements.

Is it different to train girls and boys?

In the purely football aspect, no, it's the same requirement. Boys are much more powerful, but the workload level is the same, the technical and tactical requirements are the same. It is even more difficult for girls because the ball has the same diameter as boys, unlike other team sports, the field is the same, the goals are the same. Girls have even more merit. But they do not complain.

How to make women's football even more attractive?

There are no secrets, you need results. We are really dependent on results. Women's football needs recognition. He has in relation to his clubs. He loses this international exposure with the French team that would allow him to pass another course.

The World Cup in France, in 2019, is not the ideal showcase?

If we want this World Cup to be a real success, it is necessary that the team of France go to the end. It is up to the French team to do what is necessary. The girls are aware of that. They do not lose much to cross this step. It is necessary to use the World Cup for the girls to enroll in soccer and recover a little more mass at the level of the players. To be able to work well at the level of pre-training and training. The big driver is the clubs and, of course, the team from France. This World Cup is an incredible opportunity for women's football.


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