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PSG concert fans, fights, ultras: what happened at the July Paris concert?

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On Wednesday, November 13, Marseille rapper Jul, very popular with young people, performed in Paris-Bercy at the AccorHotels Arena concert hall. On social media, videos show that the show was interrupted by groups of people who forced one of the entrances into the smoke-lit room, displaying a banner. "Marseille is not welcome" and attacked several bystanders. On Twitter, witnesses accused these troublemakers of being ultra-Parisian and battling rapper Marseille fans. According to these testimonies, the fans wearing Olympique de Marseille clothing were attacked by the attackers.

Contacted by CheckNews, AccorHotels Arena Concert Hall press service confirms that "Last night, AccorHotels Arena was confronted with a combination of tricky factors: fake notes; a number of alcoholic ticket holders; especially a group of ultra PSG pseudo-supporters came to battle with spectators fans of the Marseille artist.".

Spectators blocked and "hunting Marseille"

CheckNews She also got in touch with Maëlle, a fan of Eure-et-Loir, who was trapped outside. Arriving around 20 hours, she tells the outbreak of troublemakers: "They came down from the pyramid on the left. They had to be thirty years old, with smoke, fighting with everyone. There were only four types of security, so they forced in. So, around 8:30 pm or 9 pm, security closed We still had 300 people out there, and we weren't allowed in and security said nothing. Around 10 pm, the police arrived and we got gas. " The young woman is shocked that these people were able to enter the room, as said by a friend who was inside without being searched. "It's November 13th, it's an important date! They got lucky with Bercy, which is just fights. There were people who blew themselves up for a Ariana Grande gig!" regrets the young woman, disgusted that she could not see Jul and does not know if she can be reimbursed.

When asked about this, AccorHotels Arena explains that "For refund requests from fans who have been stuck outside, this point will be managed on a case by case basis and according to production."

Thomas, another fan who was able to access the show, tells a similar scene, according to him, "At least 50 people, dressed in black and hooded." "We made it five minutes before the show. So when it started, they were at least 30 years old to force their way in by running the well, fumigene in their hand, who didn't hesitate to sway in the crowd … At that moment there, a friend mine outside calls me and tells me they locked the doors. No one could come in, about 300 people with tickets that had to go home. So they all landed together on a fence with their banners and smoked again to be The show was underway and Jul stopped in no time, so there was a bit of panic. So they decided to "hunt the Marseilles", so they moved in groups, pressing everyone to retrieve the OM scarves, flags and shirts. without hesitating to strike if necessary…

Contacted by CheckNews, the Paris City Hall of Police indicates that it did not hold any interpellations during this show and only intervened for a hundred people outside the room.

Collectif Ultras Paris condemns violence

On Twitter, several witnesses and netizens accuse "Parisian Ultras", these fans of the PSG football team for attacking Jul's fans because he is Marseille and therefore by extension OM fan.

Registered by CheckNewsRomain Mabille, president of Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP), ensures that the people involved in these clashes are not from the collective: "We condemn and deplore this violence. I have friends who were at the music show. They tell me it was the young people in the neighborhood who beat people. Anyway, they are not people from the collective." He insists that the CUP called a demonstration at 8:30 pm in front of Bataclan to pay tribute to the victims of the 2015 attacks. It was at this time that the invasion occurred. AccorHotels Arena.

Regarding the banner "Marseille is not welcome"Romain Mabille does not know who is behind this and guarantees that it is not a CUP initiative.

One last question remains as to the perpetrators of the violence. Some witnesses say they came from the group that forced in. A version that most directly questions the safety of the concert hall. The administration of the latter, contacted by CheckNews, refutes this version and distinguishes between two types of troublemakers, those entered by forcing the door that "It interfered with the crowd outside, causing crowd movements and disrupting the security device. Teams quickly regained control and reached troublemakers to drive them out. And other disruptors inside the room, "Returned with a valid ticket, [qui] they attacked the viewers in a shameful way. "


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