Promotions: quick sale and discounts on new Macs at Fnac


Fnac Continues Reduced Price Operation on Apple Machines of the Last Generations. Since today there is a flash sale on the iMac and Mac mini and MacBook Air Retina and MacBook Pro (the last one to come out, with the keyboard still reviewed and fixed).

Discounts for Apple's tariffs vary between 10% and 15% (the latter being the rate normally used by the reformer), and can make a few hundred euros less (600 € for example on a 27 "iMac) There are basic configurations, but also several custom ones, with more capacity for SSDs, RAM or more powerful graphics cards (such as Vega on MacBook Pro).

The additional € 100 "refunded" refers to an Office 365 subscription. But for the € 350 less, displayed with the MacBook Air Retina, it is a remission for the recovery operation started a few days ago.

By bringing back an old MacBook Air in operation, Fnac gives a credit of € 350 usable for the purchase of a new model. This credit is accumulated with the 10% of this flash sale (read Fnac Recovery Discount: € 350 on a MacBook Air Retina and € 110 on an iPad).


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