Nicolas Mathieu, Goncourt Award 2018, says the end of the world of work


"Animal War" tells the crowd experienced by the workers because of the closure of their factory in the Vosges, with a background of a dark history of kidnapping. Nicolas Mathieu, its author, Prix Goncourt 2018, recalls the end of the working-class world he evokes in his book, or as "social violence becomes violence all the time", as he explains in the Evening 3 set.

"His children after them," his last book Prix Goncourt in 2018, is somehow "the sequel"as he admits. "In the previous one, there were teen characters that I had not finished traveling with and who I pursued in other ways and in other ways in this novel. It is the portrait of a world," admits Nicolas Mathieu. "Each character will play their little bit of freedom against their social destiny, against the inevitability of reproduction, and what will survive is something that works the way the school works."

He also tries to explain why French writers do not really look at the working class. "I think the word" social "scares everyone, we run the risk of getting bored, depressing people, I come from a tradition of black romance, and the French talk a lot of social in black romance, from policy, how it works in business. "

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