Municipal in Paris: Anne Hidalgo behind LaREM in the first round regardless of candidate, according to our exclusive research


SEARCH: – According to a BVA poll for "La Tribune", RTL, Orange and LCI, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo would run second to LaREM in the first round of municipal elections if she opposes Benjamin Griveaux, Cédric Villani or Mounir Mahjoubi.

According to a BVA poll for the La Tribune, RTL, Orange and LCI, conducted on the Internet from 6 to 11 June 2019, in a sample of 1294 people registered on the electoral lists, a representative sample of 1503 Parisians aged 18 . or more, LaREM would exceed voting intentions in the first round of the 2020 municipal elections in Paris, ahead of Anne Hidalgo (21%), whether Benjamin Griveaux (25%), Cédric Villani (25%) or Mounir Mahjoubi (22%). %).

Another important point of this research, the hypothesis of an application of Edouard Philippe, the current prime minister, to the mayor of Paris. If more than half of Parisians did not speak with the question, "Who would be the best mayor among LaREM compatible personalities?", 15% of respondents cited the former mayor of Le Havre in front of Benjamin Griveaux (10%) and Cédric Villani (8%). Among LaRM supporters, the head of government also leads with 28%, compared to 26% for Griveaux and 13% for Villani.

Contacted by LCI, the entourage of the mayor of Paris reacted to this research. "In one year of the municipal elections, we are resolutely confident and determined, while remaining humble: many mandate commitments will be finalized this year, such as the redevelopment of the main Parisian squares, many bike paths and public facilities. "confides his entourage.

58% of Parisians dissatisfied with Hidalgo

Among the Parisians, according to this survey, Anne Hidalgo presents a very mixed balance sheet, with 58% of them expressing their dissatisfaction, of which 33% consider themselves "nothing" satisfied. However, the mayor of Paris enjoys a rank of sympathy in certain socio-professional categories, with 64% of positive opinion between 18-34 years of age, 52% between workers and employees and left sympathizers, 65% of whom are sympathizers France Insoumise, 67% of Europe Ecology sympathizers The Greens and 76% of PS sympathizers.

In contrast, retirees (78%), Republican supporters (92%) are dissatisfied with their action, while the LAREM advocates are more subtle, with 62% dissatisfied.

Finally, the priority set by the Parisians for the next term is cleaning, with 52% of the public opinion, in the face of security (38%) and the fight against pollution (36%).


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