Tuesday , July 27 2021

Movement certificates to be provided if you leave during confinement

During a press conference on Thursday, October 29, Prime Minister Jean Castex and several ministers detailed the authorized trips starting at midnight on Friday, the time the confinement took effect.

Departures are authorized upon presentation of a certificate (below and on this link), for the following cases.

  • to or from work;
  • taking and picking up children from school;
  • to buy food;
  • go to a health professional or a pharmacy;
  • for convincing family reasons;
  • for assistance to vulnerable and precarious people;
  • for judicial or administrative subpoena;
  • for participation in missions of general interest.

Traveling for exercise or walking your pet will be possible “Maximum of one hour” is on “1 kilometer radius from the house” with certification, said Jean Castex. Unlike spring, parks, gardens, forests and beaches will remain open.

Three certificates are available on the government website depending on the type of trip. Two separate certificates are then put into effect: one can be issued by employers for travel between home and work, when telecommuting is not possible; the other will be taught by schools for parents who need to travel from home to school. There are two permanent certificates that do not need to be renewed each trip.

The travel certificate can be obtained at this link. You can also fill it out directly online with this link.

The proof of business travel is at this link.

The proof of school travel is at this link.

Removals will continue to be authorized subject to proof by the removal company. Regarding the proof of travel for this weekend, when the seclusion will be in effect, while many people return from vacation, the Prime Minister explained that a certificate of honor “It will be enough”.

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