More than 500 confirmed cases in one week, planned national reinforcements


From March 4 to 10, 2016, 566 cases of dengue were confirmed, city and ARS officials say. The dengue epidemic continues with more than 500 confirmed cases per week.

Currently, the active residences are still located in the southern municipalities of the island, although the dispersion of cases is important, with 22 municipalities affected. In anticipation of an epidemic peak planned for mid-April, 50 civilian security personnel will reinforce the anti-vector control mechanism in the field.

In addition, as the number of hospital stays and emergency care continues to increase, hospitals are already taking steps to address a growing epidemic in the coming weeks.

Public hospitals prepare for major epidemic

At the request of ARS Indian Ocean, public hospitals and, in the first line, the University Hospital of Reunion, have developed a response plan to prepare for a large influx of dengue cases in emergencies and hospitals. inpatient services.

From now on, the southern site of the CHU has set up, on an emergency level, a specific circuit for the care of people who come to consult to suspect dengue fever. Such an organization could be established in other sectors (CHU local North, CHOR, GHER) according to the evolution of the situation in these territories.

National reinforcements planned

In view of the modeling carried out by the Pasteur Institute and Public Health in France, an epidemic peak in mid-April around 800 to 1,500 confirmed cases a week is predictable. To deal with this epidemic emergency, 50 military civilian security personnel (10 coordinating agents and 40 anti-vector agents) is expected on the island. They will be able to support LAV services in treatment actions, as well as municipalities to coordinate operations.

Cases were identified in 22 municipalities, of which the most active households are located in:

– The Saint-Louis River (128 cases)
– St. Louis (107 cases)
– São Pedro (51 cases)
– Etang-Salé (39 cases)
– Cabris Ravine (36 cases)
– Small island (24 cases)> new outbreak identified

In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, 9,183 indigenous cases (including 2,307 cases since January 1, 2019), 236 hospitalizations for dengue (including 80 hospitalizations since January 1, 2019), 628 emergency care (of which 153 since January 1, 2019), 6 deaths, of which 3 were considered, after investigation, as directly related to dengue. More than 33,000 clinically suggestive cases are estimated (including more than 7,000 since January 1, 2019)


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