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As promised, the patch was deployed on PRAÇA last Friday. The "60 fps" option is enabled by default in the menus. You have to manually enable it for Krypte, NetherRealm Studios, indicating that you need to have a setting strong enough to take advantage of it. The patch also fixes some glitches.

Although he has not gone through some criticism, especially about his system of progression, Mortal Kombat 11 received a great general reception. Still, PC gamers did not fail to point to the aberration that represents a blocking at 30 frames per second in some scenes.

When you have a war machine, it's obviously pretty frustrating to limit yourself to a mere 30 fps, a legacy of the console versions. Thus, it is now necessary to resort to an unofficial mod to take advantage of Fatalities and other rich sequences in detail for a correct frame rate, but it is only a matter of time. On a posted ticket no Reddit, the team informs us about the recent fixes of the title, stating that "it's working on an option to reduce the limitation of some scenes to 60 fps on the PC." Certainly is not a complete debridementbut that's it.

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