Mac Pro is an expensive and ineffective cheese grater.


The Mac Pro is full of things: super powerful, super heavy (18 kg at the withers), super expensive … If it's perfect for some pros, the pros cheese grater will remain hungry. Winston Moy realized this: without waiting for the machine to be available commercially (it will be this fall), this handyman has machined an aluminum plate to reproduce the hole grid characteristic of the machine design. Mac Pro.

Winston invested a lot of time and gray matter to remake the same or almost the mesh of holes in the computer. After several prototypes, it has achieved its goal, creating a cheese grater with the Mac Pro design. The object has undeniably a lot of rhythm, but unfortunately is not very functional.

To grate cheese (here Pecorino Romano), it is necessary to exert strong pressure and the result is not famous. Turning a piece into a hole is like creating a cheeseball, but not really splinters. The performance of Mac Pro as a cheese grater is " disappointing "Laments Winston In view of the efforts made to prove this, we can believe his word.

On the other hand, and this is great news, the bad cheese grater makes a much better dish of soap! We breathe. @The Verge


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