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Lucia Lucas fears she will not see her children reach the majority

/ Society / News Company Lucie Lucas, worried about her children who "may never reach the majority"

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She only very rarely indulges in her private life. However, Lucie Lucas has agreed to make an exception to this rule for a cause that is close to her heart, ecology. Facing the camera, Clem's actress confided her fears about the end of the world and explained how she prepared her children for that eventuality.

This is for the purposes of the latest edition of the Research Supplement titled "End of the world: what if it's serious? " and broadcast this Thursday, June 20 at France 2 Lucie Lucas agreed to become directly involved in the fears that animate, including the future of her three children, Lilou, 9, Moira, 7 years and Milo 1 year old. "I suppose my children will never reach most of them. " explained in particular the star of the series starvebefore adding, "There is a time when you can not consume as if all resources are inexhaustible. Except that the resources you consume are finished. There is a time when there will be no more oil, there is a time when there will be no more fresh water. We live in one system, and the system, to me, is sick and meaningless, and suddenly it will flow … And this is what we do? ".

The 33-year-old actress, who recently decided to leave Paris to settle with her husband Adrien at an ecological farm in Britain, is preparing her family for the worst. "I think we will experience moments of great violence and my children too. I prepare them, tell them to tell yourself that you are a warrior and that it is a training for you. Because, for now, life is easy, but it is not always easy and there are times when it will be very difficult. So you train, you make your weapons, then you'll be ready " says someone who fears that society will soon experience a total collapse that will lead people to plunder the remaining resources and fight to survive.
It is also to survive in this apocalyptic chaos that the 33-year-old mother set up a garden and orchard in her large garden with "About fifty fruit trees" with whom she hopes not only to feed her family, but also the people of her region when everything is lost.

"It's normal not to be totally safe" She says. However, until the worst comes a day to come, the girl wants to enjoy life. "Every day is a wonderful day " she rejoices, before promising in conclusion, wanting "Do everything for your children to come of age, be happy and live as long as possible, but do not know what will be done tomorrow."

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