Loire-Atlantique: three new cases of cancer among children in the same municipality


Concern – While France's Public Health was seized to shed light on an increase in pediatric cancers, all occurred on the same list, three new cases were reported, according to information from Paris Monday.

Three new cases of cancer in children have been reported. While they were at least nine last week, our confrères du Parisien reveal new cases on Monday, April 1 in the town of Sainte-Pazanne. Children, girls and boys aged 3 to 19 years have developed this disease in the last three years. The last case was diagnosed in February 2019 and three died.

Concerned, the families of this small town of 6,500 inhabitants in Loire-Atlantique decided Friday to make the case public. Located about 30 kilometers from Nantes, it has been the scene since the end of 2015 of an inflation of cases of pediatric cancers, hitherto unexplained.

"We had to stop thinking that the fault is unfortunate!"

"After a few months, I came to the oncology department of the University Hospital of Nantes, another son of the commune, then another … In 2017, we were in four cases, I decided to alert ARS," said Marie Thibaud, 39, 20 minutes, the source of the alert. His son had just turned 4 when doctors diagnosed his leukemia. Finally, four cases of acute leukemia in children of the commune were recorded during the same period. "We have had to stop thinking that this is the fault of & # 39; no luck & # 39; On average, a child gets sick every six months. have to come and study everything: air, water, what we eat … ", she continues.

Public meeting scheduled for Thursday

An epidemiological study will be conducted by Public Health France to clarify these nine cases of pediatric cancer. "The first conclusions will be made in the autumn of 2019," the regional health agency Pays de la Loire said in a statement. In the meantime, a public meeting on the subject will be held this Thursday, April 4, in Sainte-Pazanne.


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