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LIVE – Emergency strike: the delegation received at the Ministry of Health calls for continuous mobilization


"RAS-LA-BLOUSE" – Started last March at the Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris, the strike movement of emergency department caregivers is expanding: the collective InterUrgences now has 95 strike services. On Tuesday, June 11, during the convocation of the union CGT-FO-Sud Santé and CFE-CGC, the team demonstrates in Paris. A delegation was received at the Ministry of Health. It calls to continue the movement and to be received by the Minister Agnès Buzyn.

On Tuesday 11 June, during the convening of the union CGT-FO-Sud Santé and the CFE-CGC, health professionals are called to speak out against the degradation of public services in hospitals. The events are planned in the regions and in Paris, in front of the Ministry of Health. At the same time, Agnès Buzyn will face the senators to defend his law "My Health 2022", which must "restore a necessary breath to our health system." She also promised a "refoundation mission" of emergency services led by Rep. LaRem Thomas Mesnier. The latter will have to submit a report with "concrete proposals" in the autumn.

Our journalist Amandine Rebourg is at the scene in Paris with the strikers gathered before the Ministry of Health. Follow this mobilization in the above living. If you can not read this live, click on the following link.

Agnès Buzyn also wanted, without giving a figure, "to be accompanied on a financial level, more directly and more spontaneously, establishments that face a surplus of activity and with exceptional influxes." But emergencies arise and few can survive through autumn. The recent meeting between Agnès Buzyn's cabinet and staff representatives on Thursday, June 6, during the mobilization day, only heightened the anger of caregivers: "we had nothing, so we called" We did not have a satisfactory answer to our demands , they did not work in the ministry … They did not propose us anything, the fight continues, "said the members of the committee. after his meeting with Yann Bubien, deputy director of Agnès Buzyn's cabinet.

Faced with the congress of emergency physicians, Agnes Buzyn tried to quell the anger, but the "general strategy" announced last Thursday, June 6, hardly convinced. No more than the mission entrusted to LAREM Member Thomas Mesnier to "adapt our emergencies to new needs". That should lead to a report in the fall after a consultation that includes doctors and paramedics. "They pulled the rope a lot, we can not take it until the fall, we need action now," said a doctor interviewed by LCI on the day of the announcement.

Complaints unchanged for three months

Everywhere in France, the emergency medical team "shaved". If the issues can sometimes differ between different regions, the demands are the same: more human and financial resources, recognition of the specificity of work in emergencies with a salary increase, safer premises, among others. It has been almost three months since the caregiver strike, which began at the Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris, began gradually spreading to many hospitals throughout the territory.

The collective InterUrgences, a group of caregivers who coordinates the various movements in France, now has 95 emergency services on strike and 111 other services in contact with the collective. This could increase the number of service strikers to 206. From Paris, Réunion, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Brittany, few regions are spared by this deep-rooted anger.

The crisis of human and financial resources adds to the anger of caregivers

A step was taken in the last fifteen days in the crisis. In Lons-le-Saunier, the medical staff of this relatively ill hospital was placed on medical leave at the end of May. On May 28, the city had to request staff who were sometimes ready to deal with the situation. The ARS of Bourgogne-Franche Comté had divided a rather virulent statement against them: "Medical ethics and the sense of responsibility of the professionals involved should prompt them to put the patients' interest too much." above all other considerations. "The Young Doctors union also announced it is filing a complaint against X for" endangering the lives of others. "Young doctors union president Emanuel Loeb hopes to challenge the government and" clarify " the situation of Lons-le-Saunier, which "unfortunately exists in many other hospitals," he told LCI. A demonstration was held on Monday in the face of Lons emergencies on the initiative of a " Lons le Saunier ", echoing the visit of Emmanuel Macron in the region.

In Lariboisière and Saint-Antoine, medical leave due to exhaustion

A few days later, it was in the emergency room of the Lariboisière hospital in Paris that employees were dismissed from work, a "punch" action justified by the physical and mental exhaustion of these people. . The Health Minister ruled that the suspension of 15 nurses and caregivers from the night shift at this facility was "a deviation from a medical leave." A statement that triggered an uproar in emergency strike services. Especially since the day before, the Council of the Medical Order has called for "an emergency consultation" after "provincial requisitions" in Lons-le-Saunier. Sick caregivers were called for a medical examination of these diseased leaves, controls finally canceled.

This weekend at the hospital in Saint-Antoine, in Lariboisière, earlier this week health professionals on medical leave could not take custody. According to InterUrgences, "15 of the 19 paramedics, exhausted by their working conditions, could not accept their work" and "three paramedics of the day shift had to stay to continue to take on the patients," working like this "18 hours in a row "while waiting for" the succession of the team the next day. "

Information confirmed by the AP / HP on which the Saint-Antoine hospital depends. "Part of the emergency room team in the afternoon was asked voluntarily to mobilize to ensure continuity of care." Substitute and interim team, "said the AP-HP.

On the night of Sunday 9 to Monday June 10, the same situation, but this time, "management managed with interim," says LCI, a team on strike. But the use of temporary workers does not solve the problem of the lack of daily staff. "We take it provisionally, but we did not create a post," says this caretaker. The AP / HP director promised 45 additional positions according to the needs of the services. "But there are 700 missing jobs to ensure patient safety," said Christophe Prudhomme, an emergency physician and nutritionist, based on a benchmark set by the Samu-Urgences de France association and quoted by trade unions as saying.

Still, if the report is expected in the fall and Agnes Buzyn announced emergency measures, LaREM Member of Parliament Thomas Mesnier said Monday morning that there is "no quick fix". But above all, between now and fall, there is summer: a critical time for such unmanned services.

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