Ligue 1: Florent Mollet, the Montpellier washing machine


The middle of the MHSC Florent Mollet comes to be known: recruited this summer in Metz, he becomes Montpellier by Michel Der Zakarian

"Very happy to have you with us"

"Little Mollet (26 years old) is a euphemism for saying that he gives good balloons and does things well in the animation, it's not the same team as last year" exclaimed President Laurent Nicollin the day after a 3-0 win at Languedoc against Nîmes, where former Messin-born Dijon made a name for himself for his taste for a decisive pass and a mule shot.
"Technically, what he is doing is very good, although he may be even better at some choices, because of his attitude and his performance in the field, we are very happy to have him with us" there is plenty of Montpellier coach who has been lamenting the lack of "precision" of his attack last season.

"I came to Montpellier to stabilize the game"

Last season, Montpellier won only five league games at Mosson, leaving behind a qualification in the Europa League. After six games this season, he already has three wins ahead of Nice (1-0), Nîmes (3-0) and Bordeaux (2-0) and has more authority in his game, around a high pressure.
"I came to Montpellier to stabilize the game and have the monopoly of the ball, I know what I'm expecting, but I'm not putting more pressure than this"says Florent Mollet, under contract until 2022.
"When you want to play at the highest level, you have to have the mind to take on that role", warned earlier in the season Der Zakarian.

"Set goals and deliver more assists"

Positioned under the duo of strikers formed by Gaetan Laborde and Andy Delort, Mollet claims the position of leader, vacant since the transfer of Ryad Boudebouz to Real Betis in 2017 and new to him. "I played a bit of a lead in Metz when Mr. Hantz (former coach in 2017/18 Ed) put me behind the attackers, I feel good and I'm better when I evolve in the I came to Montpellier to continue this time, to set goals and deliver more assists, where I still have to improve " He says.

"It's a washing machine"

Unlike the Algerian international Boudebouz, who plays and removes the ball, Mollet animates the game with simplicity. "Even if there are not many, it is a real number ten and a great player as he feels the blows.It is a washing machine because we always clean the ball very clean"says Andy Delort, who "has a lot of fun playing" with Gaetan Laborde and Florent Mollet. The player makes the game but also scores. Involved in four goals, he is very smart in the standstill stages. "He's shooting well where we did not explore our potential last year" appreciates "Der Zak."

"He did a little bullshit at Guingamp"

If Mollet dazzled with his sense of play, his first season dragged a shadow on the board, with his exclusion for Guingamp (1-1). In numerical superiority, Montpellier led the Breton field before being excluded for having applauded the referee after a warning. "He did a little bullshit at Guingamp, where he did not control himself and left us at ten" recalls Michel Der Zakarian, frustrated with this draw. The redhead, with the false airs of former Manchester United player Paul Scholes, has a strong character, which is his strength and weakness.


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