Justin Bieber rides a paparazzo with his 4×4: he attacks


We know, Justin Bieber is a big car fan. In 2019, he even offered a Lamborghini Urus, a large 4×4 that costs about $ 200,000. A devouring passion for racing cars, which sometimes deceives you. A few years ago, in a fit of rage, he hit a first paparazzo with his Ferrari. Today, April 15, 2019, he is sued for a second that also suffered violently.

According to the ever knower TMZ.comPhotographer William Wilson has filed a complaint about the irresponsible and dangerous behavior of Hailey Baldwin's husband. Regarding the complaint that our confreres could consult, the paparazzo says he suffers "permanent impairments, emotional damage and injuries throughout the body".

"His car was too big for him"

This accident dates back to 2017. At the time, several witnesses had filmed the scene. Justin Bieber was leaving a church in Beverly Hills. At the wheel of his black pickup Dodge Ram 2500, surrounded by a dozen paparazzi, it advances in the dark giving a great boost. Without seeing it, the interpreter drink hit the photographer William Wilson, who falls. Justin Bieber then leaves his vehicle to help the paparazzo, who does not get up. "I was knocked over by Justin Bieber. He's a nice guy, but I think his car was too big for him. He could not see much because of the front of his truck. But he left, helped me. He's a nice guy"the photographer said in a video captured while in hospital.

As seen in these images, published by TMZJustin Bieber waited for the police to arrive before going home. At the time, authorities had not sued the singer, as they felt that Selena Gomez's ex had been blinded by the flashes of the photographers. Police also thought no photographer should be on the road. William Wilson is now claiming compensation (financial compensation) from Justin Bieber.


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