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«It is clear that France prepares for the construction of new central nuclei»

Jean-Bernard Lévy, PDG d´EDF, entouré by Nabil Wakim (à la gauche sur la photo) and Philippe Escande (à droite), all two journalists to «Monde».
Jean-Bernard Lévy, PDG d´EDF, entouré by Nabil Wakim (à la gauche sur la photo) and Philippe Escande (à droite), all two journalists to «Monde». CAMILLE MILLERAND / © Camille Millerand / DIVERGENCE

Let the employer of the public energy explain the route route that follows the accession to the possible construction of six nouveaux EPR in France.

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For an officielle, the government has demanded the construction of six nuclear reactors. S'agit-il d'une bonne nouvelle pour EDF?

He is inscribed in a continuity, which goes back to the previous government, which is replayed in the great orientations of the energy policy of the President of the Republic, in the discourses of November. It is clear that France prepares for the construction of new central nuclei. You are on the mission that has already received lors that is named, il y a cin ans.

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Why are you oriented to a six EPR program?

For the sake of being the co-stars, the faucet for the simpler faire of the series series of the others, plus an ensemble of respondents. Nous avons aujourd'hui 63 gigawatts of capacité nucléaire. The nature of the French strategy on the basis of carbon-based materials is the neutral carbon in 2050. Personne do not think that puisse l'assurer on the plan of the energetic system uniquement with the renewables and the stockage. Donc il faudra of nouvelles centrales nucléaires. Our nous and prepaires. For the sake of efficiency, the faut will build the central nuclei plutôt for tranche deux sur chaque site and the other three consecutifs sites, from façon to faire baisser les coûts. You are simply the industrialist.

More the government is also usually attending the service of Flamanville's surgeon for his decider, or his future effect… 2023…

The building decision of new central nuclei will be the lorsque prison that has the policy in mind. That is the tenth, the time of the previous government, and the rappel by Emmanuel Macron, who in our aurors beset the nucleare to the term. On my demand to prepare a decision pour mi-2021.

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The Flamanville respondent will be misused on a date, but at the same time, on the other side of the talents of Taishan, in China, using the same technology and function three times. Il nyy donc pas de problema de l'EPR en soi.

The chantier of Flamanville has been revised by the hausse, and has passed 12 milliards d'Euros. Did you combine a new EPR?

Notwithstanding this, it is fortunate that the new core allows for justifying the construction of the central core plutotes that are central to the imports.

In our case, we have shown that certain carbon tax hypotheses will help to build a nuclear reactor, from 65 to 70 euros a million euros, a central heating system and gas. A choix qui n'aurait donc pas d'effets économiques ngatifs.

What's up with Flamanville's chantier fond of flies?

This is the convergence of plusieurs faits inscrivant dans la durée. In the case of the core business, and the undisputed demands that they have and have. Ensuite, il and the problems of the execution of chantier and of the late decease of subjects which auraient of the decouverts plus all. You are in the control of a control that has EDF a fait, ahead of the finances of these essences, which is what I have learned is that you have considered the good things that have been tested by rayons X pouvaient étre considerations with fragiles lorsqu'elles étaient testsé à l'échographie.

I'm not in Flamanville, and I'm having problems. I'll be back at Hinkley Point, Royaume-Uni…

The chantier is now in the middle of the delays, to the contrary, he has a petit peu plus that he has. Moreover, pour l'instant, in our tenons les delais, me even, in the transparency, in our dit qu'il and aurait a decalage of two to fifteen mois. L'avenir le dira.

An author chantier of an ample attendant EDF: the reform of the Arenh mechanism, which obliges EDF to sell a quarter of its core production to its competitors at a fixed tariff. Pourquoi ce sujet vous semble-t-il central?

As a system, which is misplaced and dixed for the purpose of merging with competitors and the EDF penalizer, the penalties for which are the contributors, the counterpart of the EDF. Cette méthode about her a close transfer against the concurrents d 'EDF. D'Aailleurs, on a maneuver dont cette near to it expresses through a great deal that private person on the other hand to sell to a grand group [rachat du groupe Direct Energie par Total], what about the monde connaît. The fake and the final time.

Your work involves the Hercule project for the reorganization of the EDF, which consists of the creation of an EDF bleu, nationalisé, the regulation of core activities and hydraulics, and the development of an EDF vert, with the renewable energy, the distribution board. et la vente aux consommateurs, dont the capital serait ouvert au privé. Pourquoi ce chantier?

Je responds to the demand of L'Etat. Our preparons, made of three co-operatives, together with the publics, a project that responds to this demand. We can only imagine, in other ways, through the Hercule project, in the future, and in the past. In our group an integrated group, more in the activities of production centralising of the energetic transition activites.

A deuxième ensemble the vocation to all the Bourse for the envelope, the construction of new central nuclei is the general manager for the society. This is the good answer for believing in the EDF, which assures the energetic transition and the main French partner of the carbon strategy.

Sometimes you just want to raise your hand on the question of L'Arenh and you have to plan Hercule a plus tard. If the regulation of the regulation of the nucleus is in the past, the reorganization is difficult…

No, he doesn't do anything. L'Etat et EDF without any further alignment là-desus: Reform of the organization of the EDF in its compaignment with the maneuver level of our financier development of the production centerisée et the capacity of the EDF to the grand acteur of the energetic transition.

Bruxelles, les neggociations onté à peine engagées. It is an evidence that our decalerons have been planed. When the French government is hoping to conclude the discussions that have not been swallowed up by the Brussels Commission on a new regulation of nuclear production, which will be more late, on the same terms of translation into the cell of Hercule projects.

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