In the morning people would be less exposed to breast cancer


An English study suggests that those who wake up late may be at greater risk of breast cancer due to a delay in the biological clock. Unfortunately for them, adopting new habits would not change anything.

The future belongs to those who get up early, says the proverb. It is probably truer than we think, if we interpret the term "future" in the sense of "long life". This is certainly what a recent study from the University of Bristol in England suggests: Researchers have found that people in the early morning are less likely to get breast cancer after analyzing thousands and thousands of data. Early birds are between 40 and 48 percent less likely to be affected by the disease. And bad news for those who are struggling to emerge in the morning: there is not much to do there, as this feature is partly genetic. In fact, this second type of person would be affected by a genetic mutation that has the effect of slightly retarding your biological clock, which is why they naturally get up later when they have the opportunity. The study in question successfully linked the mutation in question to an increased risk of breast cancer.

There is no sense in changing habits

At the same time, it was discovered that sleeping more than the recommended time could be harmful: exceeding 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night would increase the risk of getting breast cancer in women by 20% (per hour of extra sleep!). This is not negligible, in fact … The author of the study, Dr. Rebecca Richmond, go back to the search steps. " In analyzing genetic variants, people's preferences in the morning or at night, sleep time, and the tendency to insomnia, we try to find out if these aspects played any role in the risks of being a day affected by breast cancer Explains the specialist. And note that " change does not necessarily change the risk of breast cancer, the reality is more complex than "." However, the protective effect against the risks of breast cancer in the morning exists The doctor concludes. And you, in what category do you rate? Early risers, we can say that you leave with an initial advantage …


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