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«Il faut arré de banaliser ces medicaments»

From January 2020, paracetamol and l'ibuprofène pourraient to pass on the composition of the pharmacy. – CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP

  • The Agency for Medicines (ANSM) states that l'ibuprofène, paracétamol and l'aspirine are obligatoirement résires to compose pharmacies.
  • Actually, the doctors who are selling them directly, are the only ones who are serving the rayons of the pharmacy.
  • Cette mesure aims at limiting the risks to a mauvais use of dogs produits vendus sans ordonnance.

"A doctor, this is no ordinary product." La vente d'aspirine, paracétamol et d'ibuprofène en libre-service pourrait cesser, from janvier 2020.
For the sake of limiting the risks to the use of these products, the sale of medicines, the Agency of Medicines (ANSM) and the placements of medicines for the pharmacy.

Currently, the drugs containing paracetamol, l'ibuprofen and l'aspirine are sold directly, they are the only serving on the rayons of the pharmacy. 'L'ANSM souhaite qu'ils ne plus plus en libre accès et soent que placés derrière a compuir del pharmacien, enhancing also the role of conseil au patients,' indicates l'ANSM. Pourquoi cette décision? Quels dangers present ces medicaments? 20 Minutes Gilles Bonnefond, President of
The Union of Pharmacy and Pharmacy Syndicates in Montélimar.

Pourquoi l'ANSM veut-elle instaurer cette mesure?

The doctors have three efficiencies, but they are not very useful, except for the deaf, they are dangereux. It will enhance the pharmaceutical pharmaceutics. Cette notion
of free accès, which certains on the same baptism libre-service, is the size of the pouring for the major distribution. In the next case, we don't have any drugs,
il s'agit pas d'un simple produit by consommation. You have some marketing techniques and no adaptations to good usage. In our case there is no consommation, no one is there to reinforce a message. If you are a doctor, if you are someone, if you are a jeune, if you sometimes have insuffisance rénale or hepatique, you are in the past months, you will have attention. On the basis of the utiliser, but its certain pre-conditions.

C 'position of L'ANSM is out for the profession, the same thing is consistent. D'Aailleurs, plus the moitié of pharmacies in the past with the paracétamol and l'ibuprofène devant le comptoir. Et ceux qui l'ont do so, in promotions of the promotions, without complement to the plate.

What about a problem of self-medication and deafness in France?

Here it is important with the drugs that l'on peut avoir sans ordonnance, c'est d'avir a conseil pharmaceutique renforcé. I will stop the reflexes. This is the reason for the petites boîtes, the petits conditions. The patients who live with the conditions of these patients on their use of doctors and their family members on their donors. Il faut arré de banaliser ces medicaments. It's the cause of the accident.

How many risks can be engendered in surdosage d'ibuprofène or paracétamol?

For the paracetamol, the maximum dosage for one adult is 3 grams per day. On peut aller jusqu'à 4 exceptionnellement grammes. The doctor is eliminated by the foie. When the deafness, the trophy of molecules to the eliminator and the fatigue are jusquadas to the grader and the donner lieu to the hepatic insuffisance.

Pour l'ibuprofène, that's the rein that eliminates the molecule. In the case of deafness, he may be lied to a serious insuffisance. If the patients have already died or been fragile, for example, the dosages of the latter have been infrequent. The faucet is beaucoup plus attentifs in dosage and use over the long term of medical drugs.

Cette décision permet-elle de réaffirmer le roule des pharmaciens?

With some interest, pharmacies, good use of medicines. A second step for us, this is a check. When a patient rents from a pharmacy, which is important, this is the change information with the specialist. The pharmacy is there for a patient, a consultant for adaptive drugs. Your marketing strategies can be countered by the pharmacy. A doctor, and this is no ordinary product. It is the banaliser of the doctor, this is what the danger is and the risks of the message.



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