I tested a lecture by Henri Joyeux


Paris, Saturday, November 17, 2018 – To offer the great
scientific information of a better quality, it is necessary to
sometimes recommended to rely on the experts. it is
However, the recommendation should be followed with caution as the
some of those who call themselves specialists
sometimes reveals totally unscientific. And the speeches of
these pseudo-specialists, because of their reputation, pledge of
legitimacy, represent a great danger. Professor Henri
Merry is a typical example: several years ago, the
practitioner conveys a speech that goes totally against the
medicine based on science and that, given its "aura"
it is not without risk to the hearer.

It must be remembered that unlike this
that he regularly advances as a line of defense Henri Joyeux is
fiercely hostile to vaccination and is not satisfied with
discuss the relevance of its mandatory nature. Reading from
different passages from your books or your website
already allowed to be convinced.

Today, one of our readers brings us
new demonstration, telling us about a recent conference of the
Happy teacher in Belgium. This experience, if it is
not only confirm an omnipresent discourse on the
vaccination, but in addition to many medical topics. At the
of such observations, it can be seen that the cancellation of the cancellation
Professor Joyeux by the Council of the Order, undoubtedly omitted
many arguments in favor of this sanction …

From Dr. Laurent Ferry

Here I am sitting waiting for the speaker for whom more than 200
the people made the trip: Henri Joyeux. The Belgian public
is very heterogeneous. Some parents came with their baby.

A local bookstore even sold its books. it is
conference is held & # 39; for the benefit of medical research in
"How high does Henri Joyeux draw?
The conference is entitled "Eat better and better, a
performance at all levels of your

He arrives.
Henri Joyeux is presented by the organizer as a "great
"The"beautiful person": the audience applauds.
He begins his lecture with a Dalai Lama's thought before
to engage in the subject of the night.

"Every day I meet people who are in a
true pathology. I see how these people live. If we
had told them, had they been told if they had been taught
eat better and better!
"He cites diseases: diabetes
type 1, Alzheimer's, cancer … So let's predict that it will
to learn something: "We are made to believe … it is

Henri Joyeux then talks about AIDS. "I closed my eyes to
more than 100 young people from AIDS
He tells us about a meeting with a patient, a young AIDS patient who
viral load in 6, without treatment, thanks to
book of … Henri Joyeux. "The young man comes out of his bag my book
"Change of food" and my book on bees. O
Dietary change reduced viral rate. He has
ate more vegetables, animal protein dropped,
gluten, milk …

An inept calculation

Although, remember, the theme of the conference is
"eat better", Henri Joyeux begins to talk about
vaccines. It challenges the parents who came with the 4 month old baby.
"They want to vaccinate children at two months, but a child
breastfed by his mother, he is vaccinated by his mother. Your system
immune, is under construction. Ha okay, doctor, you have to
how much time to build the baby's immune system
who is 4 months old He's handsome, I see him right.
Is getting lost
then in a calculation whose explanation I still look for:
"It takes, from the day of conception, you will count
the time of pregnancy, 9 months, has been approximately 268 days and
you add two 265 years of 265 growth that make you 8
days. The immune system, ours, is about
at the age of two years

It then minimizes the dangers of diseases
we vaccinate: "Against Haemophilus influenzae B, which can
meningitis of rare times in children who are in very
health. It has been suggested to treat pertussis. shell
… We all had pertussis, whooping cough is better to have
the child who has it adult can have it several times. So he
there is hepatitis B. As a child can have hepatitis B
?! ".

The dangers of milk and other cliches

Back after this digression to the diet. milk
would give cancer: "The more calcium you eat
animal health, the more osteoporosis you have, the
acidity and acidity make it the path of cancer.
"We are no longer in alcoholism, but in the

He quotes his books several times and talks about his site,
of his letter, speaks of a box that sells supplements
foods. He speaks of his "searchAll in one
conspiracy background: "We do not care about everything, we are manipulated, we
take us to … summaries

On a regular basis, he speaks of his colleagues with contempt:
"In medical schools, I know my colleagues. He
are still diabetic, hypertensive

He speaks with vulgarity and, on several occasions,
stereotypes about nationalities:
"The English do not have a palace."
"I have nothing against the Poles or the Turks, …"
"White rice, you have to leave it to the Chinese"
"The Nutella, it should be left to the Italians."

Without transition, he begins to talk about a process that opposed him
Belgian public television: "RTBF are ladinos. I
I can say it publicly. I tried them. The lawyer has
says: "I defend you for free." We won. "

The conference ends with questions and answers. A question
bears on Helicobacter pylori.
Henri Joyeux responds that Helicobacter is due to milk and that
just take propolis … And do not listen to him

Some reflections after this uplifting experience

It was a boring conference. We learned nothing.
Henri Joyeux is taking physiology and anatomy classes CP
his knowledge seems basic (he cites, for example, the
radio, scanner and echo as diagnostic tools for cancer …
He knows the progress made, such as resonance,
PETscan, tumor markers, …? ).

The speech is empty, we do not come back with any advice.
nutritionally interesting for health, even worse. He recommends
wine, chocolate at night, and caries? A boiled egg
every morning … And cholesterol?

It also gives dangerous advice to those who
to apply. I am thinking in particular of patients with AIDS, parents who do not
not vaccinate their children, to the person who would not
your treatment against hypertension, … Advice going to
against current scientific knowledge.

In particular, with regard to vaccination, it leaves
We believe that breastfeeding is sufficient to protect
infectious diseases. It's wrong. Does not protect
for example, nothing against diphtheria and tetanus. What if
breastfeeding offers little protection for some diseases,
the effect is not important enough to replace vaccines

These words are extremely problematic. We know
risks of non-vaccination … He does not seem to be aware that the
Pertussis is responsible for the death of babies every year, everywhere
in the world and also in France and Belgium.

For Haemophilus influenzae, what he claims is false. and
even though this bacterium would only affect children
"in very bad health"can not have the
chance of being protected by the vaccination of other children?

If you want to be healthy, eat healthy,
diversified, balanced but not going to a conference of Henri


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