his performance in Côte d'Ivoire ends in violence


The performance of rapper Kaaris at the Anoumabo (Femua) Urban Music Festival in Abidjan on Saturday night turned into violence after a mob movement, causing some minor injuries, AFP journalists noted.

In the fourth song of the rapper wearing an orange shirt (identical to that of the Ivorian national football team), an excited crowd gave up the security barrier in front of the podium, causing a brutal reaction from the police who spread them with clubs.

Oppressed, police used tear gas to hold a group of overheated youths, ending the passage of the rapper, which attracted nearly 10,000 people.

"The police are at the origin of this overflow," charged a flagged shirtless, came to see his "idol" Kaaris. He also lamented some injuries. Returning almost an hour after the incident, the singer expressed his anger to the crowd and asked for calm. "I have a lot of hope in me that I want to share a bit"

Previously, Ivorian star, international footballer Didier Drogba and group leader Magic System, Salif Traoré, said A & # 39; Salfo, promoter of Femua, took the stage to make a visit to the public in Gagnoa ( center-west), the birthplace of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo, acquitted in January crimes against humanity of the International Criminal Court.

"Tomorrow night (Sunday) we are in Gagnoa will be very hot, I'm in a hurry to be there, I was born there, I have much hope in me that I want to share a little," said Kaaris.

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