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Hello 2004, Motorola revives Razr with a folding screen


The new Motorola Razr takes on its older design thanks to a folding screen. – Motorola

From Super Nintendo mini to Disney Plus, nostalgia happens. It's Motorola's turn to face the wave by resurrecting its Razr, an iconic 2000s clamshell phone that remains one of the best-selling in history, with 130 million copies sold – especially in the US. where was the most popular phone before the iPhone. Fifteen years later, Motorola is trying to modernize it with a folding Oled screen.

Unlike Samsung or Huawei, Motorola does not use this technology to offer a smartphone that unfolds like a tablet. Lenovo's subsidiary takes the opposite approach, with a full-size phone (6.2 inches in 21: 9 format) that folds into a t-shirt pocket.

A likely release in France

Early echoes of the American press are quite positive in design, especially in the hinge. A secondary screen can display notifications or control your music and hang the caller's nose by folding the phone.

The problem is that at $ 1,500 (and probably 1,500 euros), the Razr offers "specs" for a mid-range phone at 300 euros, with a Snapdragon 710 chip that was chosen to avoid the problem. overheat and save a 2,510 mA battery. January verdict, with a European release confirmed by Motorola Bloomberg (and given the provocation of Motorola France on Twitter, availability in France seems likely). By 2020, we may see a reboot of theAnimaniacs and a continuation of Punky brewster in a Razr. So retro!



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