Hatem Ben Arfa could stop after Rennes


Yesterday at All sportsHatem Ben Arfa was joking about the end of his dream career. "Barcelona, ​​it's football, it's simple, one-two, come and go, you're having fun like when you were a kid." The midfielder also spoke with the team this morning and there, the Rennais is much more land. He simply says he will not hesitate to end his career at the age of 32 if he does not find a project that pleases him.

"If I do not find something good, I can stop." If there is not something that excites me, otherwise, I continue, I go with pleasure, but in Rennes I feel good, I know very kind people, courteous, respectful, I like this city, I think who is a club that is lucky to have Olivier (Létang) and Jacques (Delanoë, chairman of the board of directors) who do good to this club.In fifteen months, what they did, is exceptional because Rennes was a club , you came, you knew that you finished between the seventh and tenth place, and the fans, today, they have joy and hope. Ben Arfa is out of contract in June but has a one year extension option.


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