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Hapsatou Sy gave birth, find out your son's name (PHOTOS)

Pink notebook! Hapsatou Sy gave birth to a boy on Friday, November 15th. This is the second son of the companion of Vincent Cerutti, already mother of a small Abbie, born September 2016. A few days before she gave birth, the columnist shared her serenity on social networks. "At this end of pregnancy, I am at peace. I breathe and absorb all this love waiting for me. I tell myself that in a few days we will be four. I'm grateful for what life gives me"she explained too.

"Welcome to our little prince's family"

Happy parents chose Instagram to announce the happy event and share their happiness. They especially took the opportunity to reveal the newcomer's name. "We are happy that Vincent, Abbie and I announce the birth this Friday of our son Isaac Haroun Giovanni"written Hapsatou Sy in the legend of a photo where we see her in the arms of Vincent Cerutti. "We hope this world is the most beautiful for you, we will do the best we can, welcome the little prince of our family, never forget the eternity of our love for you"she continues this moving statement. She then thanks the fans for their support. "Thank you all for your kind messages throughout my pregnancy, this new journey allows me to discover and discover myself again. I am still a woman today and very pleased. Thank you for life, thank you mine." God "she concludes.

A small upward balance of scorpion

Vincent Cerutti, the happy father, also announced the birth of his son on his Instagram account. He chose in the illustration a picture of the rounded belly ofHapsatou Sy with your hands on it. "Hapsatou, Abbie and I are going from three to four! On November 15 at 5:12, our long-awaited little Isaac finally arrived! Isaac is a small upward balance of scorpion, explains the former presenter Dance with the stars. He goes on to say that mother and baby are doing well. "Mom is doing very well and has been very strong, as I said at the birth of my daughter, I have a lot of respect for you brave, powerful women who give life, and congratulations to the medical staff we're talking about." little but still very valuable "he adds, before talking more about choosing his son's first name.

Joy esther (Our dear neighbors), the singer Inna Modja, Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Delphine Wespiser, Karima Charni or Magali Berdah He immediately congratulated the young parents for this happy event, followed by all the fans of the couple.

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