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Great Britain. "Flu will hurt a lot" this year – Brittany

Great Britain.
(François Destoc / The Telegram photo files)

"This year again, the flu will hurt a lot! At least that's what health insurance says. In Brittany, just over half of the population concerned about influenza vaccination recommendations would take this approach to prevention."

With 53.9% of people vaccinated in our region against 48.6% nationally, Britons concerned about influenza prevention recommendations are more mobilized than the national average. If health insurance reporting these numbers speaks of "encouraging results because they show an increase in vaccination use," it is, however, very cautious. This result "remains insufficient in public health" because "below the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended vaccination coverage rate of 75%".

For health insurance, it is "important" to remember the importance of the "vaccine reflex" as winter approaches, "especially among newly vaccinated individuals and those who have never crossed the road. Previous years." For these two categories, immunization coverage remains low, about 10% in France in 2018.

To encourage the use of the vaccine, its access has been simplified. Since the start of the influenza prevention campaign launched on October 15, all adults for whom influenza vaccination is recommended (*) You can withdraw your vaccine at the pharmacy simply by presenting your Health Insurance voucher. They can be vaccinated by the healthcare professional of your choice: nurse, doctor, midwife or voluntary pharmacist. In 2018, in Brittany, 600,000 people were involved in this process. For children under 18, the prescription remains essential.

(*) Persons 65 years of age and over, persons with certain chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart or respiratory failure, as well as pregnant, obese women, etc.

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