Saturday , January 23 2021

Google introduces Stadia interface on smartphone and Android TV

Google's imagined game streaming service is slowly developing and has recently provided an overview of its Android, iOS and Chromecast Smart TV interfaces.

Google Stadia Credits

With a release scheduled for November 19, but now reserved for the happy owners of a Premiere and Founders edition, Google Stadia gradually introduces the scope of its features. If gamers have found that there is a short list of twelve games that will make up the Day 1 catalog, now is the time for the smartphone and Smart TV interface to be revealed. Google's 9to5 site relays a preview of the Stadia app on your smartphone. In the menu you can select the tab "Choose game location" to launch a game on Chromecast or directly from your phone. When loading the selected game, you can also choose in a few clicks transmission flow quality as well as data usage. Please note that for visual quality, three options are proposed to better manage the existing rate and the chosen option will take effect on the next release of the game.

Regarding the social dimension of Stadia, Google obviously has not forgotten to add access to the user's friends list, accessible directly from the menu, through the contact icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. As with Steam and most game platforms, it's also possible set your status between the options Online, Waiting, Busy, and Offline. In addition to smart TV, Google seems determined to offer us a preview of the content that will be proposed by Stadia in a few weeks. We've found a retractable side menu on the right side of the screen that lets you manage friends, online multiplayer games, and game settings, while the list of available titles is in the main menu in a menu. "Your games" which resembles Netflix's current interface on smart TV.

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