Girls recover more slowly from concussions, study suggests


The lead author of the paper and a researcher at the Research Institute of Eastern Ontario Children's Hospital (CHEO), Andrée-Anne Ledoux, said she made this discovery by studying data from 2716 children and adolescents.

We realized that the recovery gain actually comes in the first week after the concussionexplained the doctor in experimental psychology. Then we see in the recovery curves that there is a plateau where there is very little gain after that.

In the study participants aged 5 to 7 years, recovery occurred within the first two weeks. For the ages of 8 to 18 years, most of the symptoms of a concussion dissipated within the first two weeks; then there was a plateau from the second to the fourth week.

Where the difference is in teenagers, between girls and boys. In girls, recovery is longersaid the researcher.

While in boys, most of the symptoms disappear after 2 weeks in girls, they can last up to 12 weeks after a concussion, according to Ms. Ledoux.

Various factors at stake

Ledoux argued that in adolescence, some brain nerves are more developed in boys than in girls, which may explain in part why they recover more quickly from a concussion.

Stronger necks in boys, hormones, and other psychosocial factors may also be involved in recovering from a concussion.

Ledoux recalled that there are many different symptoms with regard to concussions, including headaches, nausea and inattention. She indicated that she may want to compare recovery between age groups and not just by sex.


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