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Generali will enjoy justice

Insurer Generali will take legal action on Monday to obtain the emergency appointment of a specialist to clarify the causes of the explosion last January, rue de Treviso, in the 9th district of Paris.

"The chosen procedure is an hourly summary report, a kind of emergency procedure to speed up the experiment."And potentially start cleaning 6 rue de Treviso at the beginning of an explosion," said a spokesman for Generali France.

This procedure addresses the material civil aspect of the case. Once this request has been formally submitted, it will be for the judge to assess the urgency of the situation of certain co-owners to proceed with the appointment of this new civilian expert, who will intervene for a period ranging from eight days to two months.

In the context of this contradictory procedure, investigations will be conducted under the watchful eye of all parties, in particular Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GRDF), according to our colleagues in the world. The goal is to let the owners of 6 rue de Treviso find their homes as quickly as possible, Generali said.

Asked by the AFP, the GRDF said it did not comment on the ongoing criminal investigation, noting that no liability has yet been established. The company also did not want to react on the civil side and a possible assignment of Generali, awaiting the action of the latter.

Four killed and 66 injured

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, in the morning, a huge explosion killed four people – including two firefighters – and injured 66 rue de Treviso. Ten months later, the blur still remains in the causes of this accident.

A first report from the researchers, conducted last March, hypothesized thatimportant leakGas in a public pipeline in front of 6 rue de Treviso, under the road. However, a final report is expected in early December.

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