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Garlic in the vagina

It's the bad idea of ​​the week: putting garlic in the vagina. It may seem surprising, but YouTube users advise and women really do.

Garlic in the vagina?
Garlic in the vagina? © Getty / Robert Daly

The tweet of the week

It's an American gynecologist who posted and starts like this: "Why do not you put garlic in her vagina". What? Why, some put garlic in the vagina? And yes, not right, they are even more likely to do so, encouraged in this by YouTube, and all this new vegetarian-gynecological trend. Chemistry is cautious, the pill in the trash, lives back to nature, because I love ecology, the planet and life as well.

Long live the salsa! Yes, salsa, still in the vagina, would help advance the date rules. And as long as you do, you'll give me some yogurt to protect the flora, or the jade egg to stimulate wildlife – and your sexual energy. Garlic would protect against fungal infections. But in this tweet, Dr. Jennifer Gunter recalls: Certainly, garlic contains a natural antibiotic. The acilline. They may have anti-germicidal properties as long as they are extracted in a sterile environment. And provided, to be effective, purge them. I let you imagine what you can give, I crushed the garlic in the mucous membranes as sensitive: it throbbed. Worse: this famous garlic clove may contain bacteria from the soil from which it was extracted and who love being able to walk in a humid environment. In short, girls, women, who love YouTube and their intimate ecological tutorials: garlic, in the vagina, well, we do not.

In Japan, the end of high heels

You no longer have a systematic obligation to wear high heels in the workplace. It is a movement of rage that has encouraged the Japanese for several weeks on social networks. It all begins in January, when a young actress and actress is outraged by this custom that requires employees to work on the heels of 5, 7, 12. In the process, she launched that hachtag, that Keyword: Kutoo, a direct reference to MeToo movement, but also two Japanese terms: "kutsu" for shoes and "kutsuu" for pain. Very quickly, this KuToo becomes viral.

There are thousands to count the wounds, the tiredness of the end of the days when the feet hurt so much that it becomes simply impossible to do its work properly. Since then, a petition has circulated in "" addressed to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs of Japan, it simply asks that women have the option of wearing jumps or not. It is very serious this petition, and even, it is inspired by a similar movement, born in Britain in 2016. It is still an actress who launched: fired for refusing to wear high heels, ended with the creation of a parliamentary committee for to soften women's dress codes at work.

The image of the week

A castle strangely asleep. A prince, as beautiful as the day, brave and valiant, and soon in love, wrapped in this red passion cloak (unless it's crushed raspberry, I do not know, there's debate), cross the castle block Climb the stairs four to four , exploding in a dungeon. She is there, waiting for her, the sleeping beauty. Her long, blond hair framing a face designed by angels certainly, both hands crossed on her chest holding a crushed raspberry pink color (or maybe red passion, I do not know there is debate) seems far, far away from us. But the prince sits on the edge of the bed and leans to the beautiful and he kisses her. Miracle: she wakes up! And there she puts her hand in her mouth and says to him: "No, but you asked me if I wanted to kiss you?"

That would be the feminist version of Grimm's tale. But even Disney disregards her consent. And that is precisely why the Catalan activists asked several libraries to remove the book from their shelves. In the process, they did the same with Little Red Riding Hood. There is more the side "I teach you from the beginning to go shopping and bring them home" who irritates them. But who knows what will happen soon Snow White, his slavery and his seven lustful dwarves. As for the skin of an ass and his incestuous father … As they say, side "let's take stock of our collective unconscious" … Well, there is work.

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