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Game of Thrones, Season 8: The 5 Improbabilities of Episode 3 (SPOILERS)

The episode 3 of the Final Season of Game of Thrones is not exempt of fault by the plausibility of the events that occurred there.

We do not want to argue about anything, huh! This episode 3 was clearly a hit as a whole and offered us many unforgettable moments. But this confrontation between the army of the dead and the army of the living has also been a source of frustration on many points, which we will expose immediately.

The character of Arya Stark got the better of the seasons.

How many dead already?

After episode 2, fans of the series are mentally prepared to say goodbye to several main characters. This last battle against the Night King's army would be a bloodbath that few people would leave unharmed. Finally, as we look at the casualty list, we see that most of the "heroes" survived, despite the wave of zombies that fell on Winterfell.

For long hours, surrounded by the undead, who know neither fear nor weariness, fought relentlessly as the victims crowded around them. Samwell Tarly spent 90% of his time whimpering, lying in corpses without being worried. Some – including Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane – wandered the halls of Winterfell playing cat and mouse with a dozen zombies among the hundreds of millions that made up the Night King's army. Good survival lesson.

Amorphous zombies

On the battlefield, the Night King's zombies looked like terreiros of acid bulls, running and jumping in all directions. In the corridors of Winterfell, on the contrary, if they did not set themselves on a "target," they would seem to wander without making any real effort in their research. The lack of obvious motivation from a workforce that was thought to be working on thank-you and determined to win the war. Disappointment.

But where are the ice giants?

At the end of season 7, when the Night King knocks down the Wall with the help of his dragon, his army begins with several ice giants in their ranks. In the most important battle of the King of Night's existence – which he obviously waited for millennia before launching his attack on Westeros – viewers will have finally seen only one ice giant, which forced him. just the castle gate, and sowed chaos before being killed by a 12-year-old girl, Lyanna Mormont.

Where were all the other giants exactly? A dozen of them could have created much greater damage on the battlefield. Were they so misused by the King of the Night generals? It is strange to see that the impressive force of the army of the dead was not wisely exploited by a sovereign who had prepared his coup for several thousands of years.

The bad defensive strategy of the Night King

OK. So you enter the forest of a castle with all your generals to kill a disabled boy trapped in the snow in your wheelchair, and you are caught by a girl – as formidable as she is – who comes to you jumps from behind without none of your henchmen, whose life is directly related to your only existence, do not react and / or you do not see the said girl jump (she had to spin somewhere to make that leap, right?) to kill you? No, but seriously? They might have thought of making a human shield around the King of the Night just in case.

And then, speaking of the Night King, like many antagonists before him, he took his comfortable time, before picking up his gun to kill Brandon Stark. If he could have spoken, he would have pondered with us why he got there, how strong he is and no one can do anything against him. A rather classic death at last.

unanswered questions

And we would like, frankly, that the king of the night could speak. Because beyond the explanation of Brandon Stark in episode 2 that the leader of the Ice Men wanted to impose the eternal winter in Westeros and kill him to eradicate the collective memory of the whole continent, we remain a little hungry for their real reasons, and his long-term ambitions after millennia to prepare for his return. We will no longer know about the extent of his powers, his past when he was still a human being, or his daily life, when he was not conspiring against humans (what was he?). breakfast, what music he heard, etc.).

The same goes for Brandon Stark, who spent the episode following the battle through the eyes of a swarm of crows, finally doing nothing. Could their immense powers be used for anything but contemplating the carnage at a time when the army of the dead seemed to be gaining advantage? Brandon Stark is still alive, and we may find out more about him and the King of the Night in the next few episodes. But many questions will remain unanswered, that's for sure. And it's very frustrating.

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