Friday , February 28 2020
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French team – EdF: Deschamps makes Menès break, Giroud untouchable

Always deprived of playing time at Chelsea, Olivier Giroud remains indispensable in the eyes of Didier Deschamps in the national team. After months, years of criticism, Pierre Ménès gives up.

With only 20 minutes since the last international break, Olivier Giroud can still maintain his place in the French team. Didier Deschamps is having fun with his attacker's situation, but his status does not change in the Blues. Enough to annoy his many detractors, starting with Pierre Ménès, who continues to emphasize the inconsistency of coaching. But, complaining in the void in the face of the coach's obstinacy, the consultant finally came to the obvious.

" Giroud … I gave Giroud a little because he hasn't deserved to be selected for years because he doesn't play at the club: he didn't play at Arsenal, he doesn't play at Chelsea. There we can even say that he no longer plays with Chelsea. But Deschamps keeps calling him and he continues to score and perform wellcommented the expert on a exchange with internet users. This is a somewhat insoluble problem. I think it is imperative to change clubs in the winter transfer window to find playing time for the Euro. Otherwise, it will be a little outrageous for the competition in your position, despite what Deschamps means. For the first time, Ménès and the coach agree, Giroud cannot be in this situation.

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