France again prohibits imports of cherries treated with dimethoate, a pesticide with toxic effects


His exile infuriated the ranchers who considered him the only stronghold against the Asian mosquito.


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The pesticide is known for its toxic effects. France has again banned the importation and placing on the market of fresh cherries from countries where the use of dimethoate, a contested insecticide, is permitted to treat cherry trees, according to a decree published Saturday, 20 April in the Official Journal. Organic cherries in accordance with European standards are allowed.

This measure, applicable for one year, is adopted every year since the ban in February 2016 of the hexagon of this pesticide.

Their banishment infuriated the farmers, who considered the only stronghold against the Asian mosquito (Drosophila suzukii), an aggressive plague of cherry groves.

France is once again playing its national safeguard clause in the absence of global measures to ban the dimeto in the European Union, a measure requested by the French government in 2016. Paris is acting both to protect French consumers and French consumers. To avoid distortions of competition, some cherry-producing countries still use the decrim insecticide, such as Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Argentina or Chile.

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