Fortnite: Urban Journey Challenge: Finding Jonesy near the basketball court, near the rooftops and in the trailer of a truck – Fortnite


Since May 22, when the challenges of the John Wick event have come to an end, a new set of challenges has stepped in as part of a partnership between Fortnite and Jordan. Indeed, Free challenges to unlock the rear skate accessory, along with its nine variants, are available for twelve days. For Urban Dunk pack holders of 1800 V-bucks, they may face additional challenges to unlock additional styles for the Skillful and Gracious, and four unique aerosols.

For this fourth day, players are invited to find Jonesy near the basketball court, near the rooftops and in the trailer for a truck during a game of Urban Spree. For this nothing very complicated, it is enough, at first, that players hit the streets until they reach the first anglethen go back to the basketball court on the left, to face Jonesy's signal. He will then take the road just below, just before the two truck restaurants where he was asked to dance, and lend a platform to reach the building under construction on the right, while using the repulsive grenade, to be able to stand in front of the signal. Finally, it is only necessary to finish the cycle to return to the beginning and enter a cul-de-sac accessible directly to the left before the stepsand then turn to sit against Jonesy in the back of the truck. No interaction should be made, to confront Jonesy's representation enough. Skateboarding (Banana) is given once the challenge is fulfilled.


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