Forced to briefly leave the Paris demonstration, Philippe Martinez accuses the police of having "accused the CGT"


The head of the CGT was evacuated by the union service on Wednesday afternoon. Since then he has resumed his place in the procession. According to witnesses, Philippe Martinez was attacked by black blocks. But the person involved mainly involved the police.

Philippe Martinez had to briefly leave the Paris procession May 1st, very early in the afternoon. Witnesses at the site tell franceinfo thatSecretary General of the CGT was evacuated "after being attacked by black blocks".

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He has another version of the facts: it involves law enforcement. "The police accused the CGT, it is serious because we are identified anyway"he told reporters after finding his place in the protest.

In the images that Franceinfo saw, we heard cries of some hostile demonstrators in a cloud of tear gas. "I was tense for some time now, explains France's Valérie Petit-Lesage, general secretary of the CGT in Île-de-France. That's why our teams have chosen to house it. "

We have many difficulties to move forward. We're stuck between the police and the black blocks.Valerie Petit-Lesagein franceinfo

The union does not name the black blocks, referring only to "the presence of individuals who are not there to manifest and avoid standing manifestation." Mhe "strongly denounces the ongoing violence in Paris" and criticizes the police and government. "Our comrades present, including our secretary general, are gassed and receive grenades."

The Paris police headquarters has another version of the facts: "The task of law enforcement is to defend the republican order, which allows everyone to express their views safely, she says in a statement. The CGT has never been targeted by police and gendarmes who have carried out their mission with determination against violent thugs. "

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