For Tex, Marlène Schiappa is "inevitably" dismissed from "Z & amp; amp; Amours"


MEDIA – Tex does not stop, Marlène Schiappa is "inevitably" behind his dismissal of "Z" Amours, program he presented for more than ten years in France 2, and he was returned after a joke about women victims of domestic violence.

In late November 2017, Tex, a guest on the set of "C & # 39; est that de la télé" at C8, launched a "joke" that made many spectators jump as well as the Secretary of State for equality between women and men Marlène Schiappa: "Guys, do you know what is said to a woman who already has two black eyes?" "We did not tell you anything! We explained it twice!" This release signed the end of the career of comedian and presenter in France 2.

Asked about this case on Monday 25 March by the Belgian weekly Télépro, the former facilitator said he has already "moved on." But while the journalist asked if Marlène Schiappa "was behind" his dismissal from the program, Tex did not hesitate: "Inevitably," he said.

"There's behind it all a pretty terrible denial report. Denunciation is the worst hour of French democracy, so I hate that way of balancing, either Balance your Pig, Balance your comics, Libra your host After that, balance and everyone will be wary of everyone, "insurgent Tex, who also spoke of his" regret "for" no longer on TV. " "I was very well where I was, I did my job well and I was wrongly punished," he said.

The resignation of Tex is not "my choice", says Schiappa

A point of view that does not share Marlène Schiappa. On the occasion of his visit to "The interview without Tele-Loisirs The same week, the Secretary of State was asked about the limits of humor on television. Answering "no" to the question "We can laugh at everything on television," the Secretary of State emphasized the importance of the context, citing in support of the famous phrase inspired by Pierre. You deprogate, "we can laugh at everything, but not at all."

"Tex's joke about women who were victims of domestic violence, it was unclear if he was into something artistic, a show, we were there on a broadcast. Context counts Make a joke that is not funny about women who are victims of domestic violence, which is considered an incitement, and which is transmitted without any other message, in prime time on television, the day after the day against violence against women, I find problematic, "said Marlene Schiappa.

She said, however, that Tex's resignation was not "her choice" and stressed that anyone could report to the CFS after comments deemed offensive or offensive.

A few days after the resignation of the host, Marlene Schiappa had to defend against the many humorous critics came to the rescue of Tex, highlighting the "independent decision" of the teams of France 2. The labor courts, seized by Tex, felt that the former animator had committed a serious flaw, justifying his dismissal.

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