For MP LREM Saïd Ahamada, François Hollande's words are "worthy of councilman"


The LREM spokesman in the National Assembly criticized the "lack of height" of the former head of state.

A spokesman for the Bches-du-Rhône group and the LREM group, Said Ahamada, did not like the criticism of former President François Hollande, whom he accuses "lack of height" Monday April 1st in franceinfo. The former head of state criticized the policy of Emmanuel Macron Sunday night in France 2. And in an interview in Parisian, he judges severely the record of his former minister and successor in the Elisha. "To want to shake everything, everything stopped. "

"We have here, in terms of proposals, something worthy of a councilor, Said Ahamada reacted in franceinfo. And honestly, you're not very respectful of councilmen when I say that.. I was expecting a little more height from the President of the Republic. According to MEP LREM, the voice of François Hollande "less and less" for Emmanuel Macron, and "less and less for the French."

"What Mr. Holland pretends to forget is that the arrival of Emmanuel Macron and the presidential majority in power is the result of what he and Sarkozy have lost, Said Ahamada continues. Hopes disappointed even the betrayals. And furthermore, the movement "yellow vest" is in this lineage.

He also thought François Hollande was very discreet during the excesses of recent weeks, on the sidelines of the "yellow vests" movement. "We did not hear much about it, for example, when we heard some protesters calling to kill the President of the Republic, or when the Arc de Triomphe was looted, or when the parliamentarians were attacked in their homes. Holland "Said Ahamada.

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