Friday , April 23 2021

For Mbappé, the problem is "the state of mind" – Football

More than the supposed weakness of Ligue 1, Kylian Mbappé laments the lack of character to explain the difficulties of PSG in the Champions League.

Thirteen games, thirteen wins and scoring key plectrum: the PSG crush Ligue 1 as never since the beginning of the season. But if the club has even achieved a performance never seen in the history of the top five European leagues, Thomas Tuchel's men do not know the same success on the European stage. With just one win after four games, the French champions are in poor shape in the race to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Which, inevitably, restart the debate on the level of Ligue 1 and even more so if it is not Lyon, the other French clubs involved in European Cups have already bid farewell to their qualifying dreams. But for Kylian Mbappé, the problem is elsewhere, evoking an attitude problem. "In Ligue 1, it's up to us, acknowledged the young Paris striker on the sidelines of the French national team rally. But it is a state of mind that needs to change. Of course, let's not lie, we're up. We have to put ourselves in the mind that we should trust ourselves, not the teams we face. "

For former Monégasque, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona also face more or less the same problems. "In Spain, they do not only play clasico or Atletico de Madrid. They also play weaker teams, but that does not stop them from playing hard, he commented. Our problem in PSG is that, from a certain score, I do not know if it is a radar or an alert, but we slow down a bit in the game, if we are more constant in 90 minutes Ligue 1, it will be easier to bridge the big games . The problem comes from us and not from the championship. " It remains to put his good intentions into practice and this from the decisive clash against Liverpool in ten days …

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