Following the Genius case, Google explains and indicates the sources of the lyrics of the song


Google is finally positioned against the allegations that have been made

Some days ago genius accused Google steal the letters and Google, in turn, accused LyricFind, your provider.

Google explains in your blog

" How we help you find letters on Google Search The title of the publication is published by Google this week to following the accusations made by the Genius website.

In summary, how we communicate to accused Google of having copied the lyrics of its website to display them on the top page of the search engine. It is thanks to the different types of apostrophes used that Genius proved these charges. and Google blame the provider, Lyric Find.

In your post, Google now focuses on explaining how it can display the lyrics of a song on the first page of your search. Claims that you use intermediary and pay music publishers, paying the right to display the letters so that at the end of the chain, composers are paid for their work.

Google Intermediaries would be content providers, giving you the lyrics of the songs he puts online.

Google of the applicant and asks him to make sure your practices were the correct onesto apply the best in the industry. As your post indicates: " We always strive to achieve high standards of conduct for ourselves and the partners with whom we work. ".

Google will clearly state the origin of the letters

In the future, to avoid any kind of conflict, Google will credit the lyrics to the actor who provided them.

A way of being totally transparent but this will also allow him to be sure respect for the rules of conduct which it imposes to its partners:

" To help identify the letter font, we will then assign it to the third party to provide the digital text. We will continue to adopt an approach that respects and compensates the rights holders and ensures that music publishers and composers are paid for their work. ".

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